MAI Construction, Inc. creates the workspaces where the problems of today and tomorrow are fought and conquered

MAI Construction is proud to be a leader in construction of workspaces, laboratories and facilities for industries on the cutting edge of modern technology. Since 1973, we have been partnering with companies and public entities who advance our knowledge, quality of life and technological capability by building them the spaces, infrastructure, and tools they need to succeed. Whether your space needs a retrofit and upgrade or you require a purpose-built facility created from first concept to final commissioning, MAI Construction, Inc. has been working with companies in the Bay Area and throughout the state of California to create the workspaces where the problems of today and tomorrow will be fought and conquered. With a diverse resume including some of the largest and best-known names in the tech sector, including higher education, private industry and public-owned companies, MAI Construction stands ready to help you bring your project to life.

Some of MAI Construction, Inc.’s successful projects in the tech sector include:

Clean rooms

Server rooms


Campus consolidations

Test chambers

Purpose-built construction

Medical manufacturing facilities

Infrastructure installation, QC and commissioning

Tool Installations and commissioning

And more...

“MAI was very responsive when I took over managing the project and provided me with all the necessary info for a seamless transition. I especially appreciated the open communication, wealth of knowledge, and ability to execute on tight deadlines. It’s not easy to liaise between several parties, but your team did it wonderfully and always put the client in the number one priority spot. Here at Oracle, we know how important vendors like you are to our company’s missions and goals. Thank you again for successfully completing this project!”

-Madelyn Yeung, Real Estate Project Manager, Oracle

MAI Construction, Inc. delivers the spaces leaders need to succeed

Since 1973, MAI Construction’s attention to detail and emphasis on partnership, communication and value at every step of the project life cycle has earned us repeat clients including local startups, nationally recognized brands and names with reputations and a world-wide presence. In over 48 years in the high-end construction business, MAI Construction, Inc. has partnered with our clients to facilitate projects serving education, technology, life sciences and even industries so specialized they didn’t have names when we started. Our client roster includes:



Memphis Meats




And many more...




Stanford University

Coupa Software


Whether your company workspaces and infrastructure need an update, a complete overhaul or a fresh start, MAI Construction, Inc. is here to help.

MAI Construction, Inc. offers services for each step of construction, including pre-construction commissioning, design/planning, permitting, project planning/management, and ultimately commission. We continuously look ahead to the finished product, using the most effective and latest project management strategies in coordination and partnership with our clients to confirm the project is delivered efficiently, on time and on budget.

MAI Construction, Inc. has successfully completed projects for the technology sector such as:

Abbott Laboratories, Data Center

Oracle, Rack Lab

Anachoic Chamber & Rack Lab Installation

Synaptics, Data Center

Intevac Manufacturing Space

UTC Power Cell

KLA, Clean Room

At MAI Construction, we value your project and believe its success is of the utmost importance. From concept and design, project planning and estimates and value engineering to garnering the requisite permits, general contractor operations, project management, quality control and final commissioning of the project, MAI Construction, Inc.’s professional staff offers the knowledge, experience, tools and skills to take your project through every step of the project lifespan. We will work to create a space or facility which suits your needs and objectives while accurately reflecting your company’s goals, vision, and personality. We would be pleased for the chance to share a dialogue with you about your space requirements and goals, and how MAI Construction can put nearly fifty years of experience to work to help you and your company meet them.