Staff Spotlight: Meet David Barron

Matt | Wednesday, July 8th 2020 | Blog

As with most industries, the people in the front office tend to get all the recognition and press—but without our people on the ground, actually overseeing and laboring on the day-to-day details of a construction site, most of our projects would be either vastly delayed or outright impossible. It’s our entire team, from our architectural and engineering staff to the people out in the field every day, which has made MAI Construction one of the top biotech construction firms in the bay area. Today, we’re proud to introduce you to David Barron our newest MAI team member.

David Barron has been in construction, as he puts it, “a very long time.” He is new to MAI Construction and we are thrilled to have him as part of our team. As a construction superintendent, his primary job is to oversee the short-term construction schedule, manage and plan subcontractor work items, and coordinate quality control and assurance operations while ensuring the site is a safe place. David takes his role very seriously, referring to the sort of management model he uses as “Construction 3.0,” wherein safety, positivity, concern, and care for the wellbeing of the site workers are the prime motivators.

As a child, David’s favorite memory was hiking with his father at Big Basin. Before starting in construction, he made tacos and then worked as an accountant. He has a Business Administration degree with a concentration in management, and, as he drily puts it, “a master’s from the School of Hard Knocks.”

David is a devoted husband and father to three children, two boys, and a girl, plus a rescue dog, Mango, who he affectionately calls his favorite animal. When he’s not on the Jobsite, he enjoys playing soccer with his kids, bike riding, or playing guitar. Asked what his greatest passion in life is, he said, “Being a communication bridge. I love connecting with people and seeing the beauty of life when we understand each other. That can be in business, family, or culturally.”

As an important part of the MAI Construction team, David says his favorite part of the job is the trust and autonomy he enjoys, as well as helping make his project sites a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone who works there. David has a proven track record of delivering sterling results and outcomes and MAI is looking forward to having him as one of our “people on the ground”. He’s excited to be here with the MAI team, and we’re excited to introduce you to him. If you see David on your construction job, be sure to say hello and tell him you read about him here!