Services we offer

Over the last 40 years, MAI has continuously expanded in staffing, services and business volume. We now offer a wide variety of on-site services.

Summary of Services

MAI Construction is a turnkey organization who can take your projects from conceptual design through commissioning and project close-out.


During the initial planning stages, we consult with the owner and provide advice on construction techniques, feasibility, and the availability of materials and labor. We assemble a project team that includes architects,

engineers, specialty contractors and design specialists. We have developed excellent relationships with local Building Departments and we will use these relations to expedite your projects to permit.

General Construction

We provide all supervision, labor, materials, construction equipment, and tools necessary for project completion. During the construction phase, a highly qualified superintendent will remain on site. They will regularly update the

schedule as construction progresses and develop and implement an effective system of project cost controls. Progress of the trade subcontractor will be monitored and coordinated with the activities of the rest of the project team.

Construction Management

For nearly 45 years, MAI Construction has developed and refined methods and procedures to efficiently control time, cost, and quality of an owner’s construction program.

From the earliest conception plan, to the final phase of construction and close-out, our specialized team will work with clients to address their unique needs, delivering successful projects on time and within budget.

Integrated Project Delivery

MAI Construction welcomes the integrated project delivery method as a collaborative way to align interests, objectives, and practices through all phases of a project. MAI works together with designers and key subconsultants in a highly

coordinated fashion. Our team will utilize fundamentally the same information, with shared goals, and specific markers for success—design, cost savings, productivity, on-time delivery, and long-term efficiency.