MAI Safety Program

MAI Construction, Inc. knows that safety on the job is of primary concern for all parties involved. We have taken great pride in developing and implementing one of the best safety programs around and it is reflected in our “A” rating for Workman’s Compensation in the attachment below. Our safety program includes annual training, monthly training and weekly job site meetings to discuss safety issues related to each project.

MAI Construction has implemented an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). The IIPP is provided to all new hires and is part of the initial training program for Superintendents and Project Managers.

MAI Training Program

MAI Construction strives to keep our management team and supervisors properly informed about safety. Our safety program includes training for new employees, monthly safety meetings for all Superintendents and weekly jobsite “tool box” meetings. MAI Construction requires all project superintendents to complete the 10 Hour OSHA certified construction training course. Employees are also provided training on specific equipment use/operation, such as forklift and scissor lift training.