Redwood City-Based Software Company

Menlo Park Decommissioning

Project Categories: Infrastructure, Technology

MAI Construction was retained by this Redwood City-based Software Company to return one of their buildings back into original leased condition. The project was on an extremely short time line to avoid lease penalties by the owner. 744 tons of material were recycled. Construction demolition included:

  • Removal of all hard lid ceiling and teebar ceiling systems
  • Recycling all lighting lamps and fixtures
  • Removal of all HVAC main and branch duct work
  • Removal of all fire sprinkler drops
  • Lead abatement in floor tiles and paint
  • Removal of all flooring and glues
  • Removal of a 28′ full height metal stud wall
  • Removal of transformers and panels
  • Removal of backup generator
  • Removal of CDA compressor and drier
  • Removal of 20 X 40 exterior equipment enclosure
  • Removed chain link fencing
  • Removal of a 2,600 SF Anechoic Chamber with a 26′ interior height
  • Removal of a 625 SF quiet room with a 12′ interior height
  • Removal of a 1,200 SF HEMI Chamber with a 12′ interior height
  • Removal of in floor radio frequency turntables
  • Infill of vibration pits
  • Modifications to fire alarm system
  • Modification of upper coverage fire sprinkler system

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