MAI Construction Completes Novo Nordisk TI Project

Matt | Friday, March 27th 2020 | Blog

MAI Construction, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of a 4-phase tenant renovation and expansion for Danish healthcare and pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk in Fremont, CA. With a project budget of just over $5.1 million and a timeframe of four months, the scope of the project included renovations to their office and collaborative spaces, break rooms, delivery areas, and stem cell research and manufacturing laboratories. 


Novo Nordisk is a recognized global leader in healthcare research and development. Based out of Denmark, the company has manufacturing facilities in eight countries around the globe as well as affiliates or offices in an additional five. At 95 years old, the company has built an enviable reputation for the size, scale, and ambition of their biopharma and other healthcare research and offerings. Some of their better-known products include insulin and diabetes treatments, hormonal therapies to treat symptoms of menopause and anti-hemophilic medications.

When Novo Nordisk subleased the 44,000sq.ft. manufacturing facility to Asterias Biotherapeutics, they contacted MAI Construction to execute the tenant improvements and renovations based upon our experience with construction of high-end medical research and cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities under tight time constraints. The project, which creates new stem cell manufacturing facilities to develop stem cell-based therapies to combat a number of chronic illnesses and diseases, was broken into phases and construction begun. 

One of our most talented engineers, Sam Sayyah, served as MAI’s project manager. A CSU-SJ graduate and veteran of fast-track, big-budget cGMP jobs for Revance Therapeutics, Stanford School of Medicine, and Pearl Therapeutics (AstraZeneca) among others, Sam was tasked with monitoring and tracking every aspect of the Novo Nordisk project. He was also responsible for coordinating communications and providing an interface between design, architectural, construction and Novo Nordisk personnel. 

Under Sam’s management and oversight, the first phases involved the construction of cGMP Grade B manufacturing labs. This included adding a material lift and a new canopy for the shipping and receiving area. The quality control lab, locker rooms, CNC corridors, and two cGMP laboratories were given new finish work. The remaining phase included tenant improvements to the office area. A new break area and open-office collaborative spaces were created. The office rooms were refinished and the stair-opening concrete deck widened and expanded to better facilitate anticipated equipment delivery to the lab spaces on the second floor. 

With the Novo Nordisk project complete, MAI Construction is pleased to add yet another successful build to our resume of cutting-edge scientific facilities. We are eager to see what new advances and breakthroughs will come from the renovated facility and proud to have played a role in making this crucial work possible. And now, we’re looking forward to doing the same for your next renovation or new construction project. 

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