MAI Construction Completes Coupa HQ Renovation

MAI Construction | Tuesday, January 5th 2021 | Blog

MAI Construction, Inc. is proud to announce the completion of a full interior design/build renovation of Coupa Software’s world headquarters at 1855 S.Grant Street in San Mateo, CA. The project embraced 10,000sf of interior space and took four months to finish from initial design to final commissioning, during which time the building remained staffed and operational.

Coupa Software’s San Mateo corporate headquarters serves as the nerve center of a global company with over 20 offices spread over six continents and over a dozen countries. Its clients include renowned brands such as MGM Resorts International, Lear, Pearson, Lululemon, Office Depot and Grand Canyon University. Coupa assists companies like these with software solutions to monitor and manage corporate spending more efficiently. The renovation for the corporate headquarters was designed to reflect the success of the company as a whole and the San Mateo office’s position as the prime nexus for Coupa’s global reach.

Because of the sensitive position, the San Mateo office occupies for Coupa, it was decided that the renovation would occur alongside regular business operations. In consultation with Coupa, MAI Construction, Inc. created a design/build plan which would minimize impact on both the building’s occupants and renovation functions as much as possible.    

The lobby and elevator area were given a full refresh and update, including a custom reception desk. Restrooms on all five floors received upgrades, as well as employee break areas. Coupa’s data center was reimagined and revitalized into an employee lounge with bespoke interior accent walls and custom carpeting. Customer and all-hands meeting spaces were transformed as well, including new ceilings, lighting and customized, polished concrete floors featuring the Coupa Software company logo. A new glass door was installed at the entrance to the patio from the interior.

The Coupa Software corporate headquarters remodel is just the latest addition to MAI Construction’s portfolio of successful projects. Our client-centered approach marries the vision and goals of our clients with the best available planning and delivery practices on every project, allowing us the flexibility to create spaces which look beautiful and meet our clients’ diverse needs. To learn more about how MAI Construction, Inc. can assist you in reaching your construction and space goals, we invite you to visit us at