Integrated Project Delivery

MAI Construction, Inc. harnesses the power of integrated project delivery paradigms to maximize efficiency through every phase of your project.

For over 48 years, MAI Construction has been one of the Bay Area’s premier high-end, fast-track general contractor and construction management firms. We are pleased to embrace the philosophy of integrated project delivery in our interactions with clients, subcontractors and key subconsultants to assure a cohesive, centralized pool of information and knowledge from which everyone works. Utilizing this shared pool of talent and knowledge permits everyone involved in the project to maximize their efficiency and core competencies in conjunction with those of other disciplines. In this way, collaboration, communication and efficiency in every facet of scheduling, budgeting, materials and labor costs are emphasized, while waste and unnecessary redundancies are minimized or eliminated. This paradigm also allows MAI Construction to ensure everyone is working toward a common set of project milestones and success waypoints, making us more effective in our project management and general contractor roles.

MAI Construction, Inc. applies the latest methods and time-tested processes to assure project success at every stage.

One of the great advantages of integrated project delivery is that it is flexible enough to be applied to any project, yet rigid enough to provide effective functional guidelines. MAI Construction utilizes this philosophy in order to ensure a replicable recipe for success whether the project at hand is a tenant retrofit and refurbishment or a bespoke, purpose-built facility designed and built from subgrade to ceiling and beyond.

The advantages of integrated project delivery include:

Clearly stated goals and objectives

All subcontractors and specialties moving as one cohesive unit

Interactive, communal problem solving

Maximization of positive results

And more..

Uniform milestones and waypoints

Constant, ongoing communication

Reduced waste of time, labor and resources

Adherence to stated schedules

MAI Construction, Inc. leverages the knowledge and experience of everyone involved in the project to achieve optimal benefit and results from all parties concerned.

MAI Construction has been proudly serving the Bay Area and the state of California since 1973, setting ourselves apart as a collaborative leader in high-end, fast-track and phased tenant improvements with a client list including worldwide brands and local startups. Our experience and knowledge, and willingness to utilize modalities such as integrated project delivery to tap the expertise of others to facilitate the successful completion of projects, has placed us at the epicenter of some of the most exciting, demanding and specialized construction projects in the world.

MAI Construction, Inc. is proud to partner with today’s leaders to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Our client list includes companies, schools and brands like:


Santa Clara University

University of California San Francisco

Stanford University

Bristol Myers Squibb

Boehringer Ingelheim

Pivot Bio




Abbott Laboratories

Cisco Systems

And more...

MAI Construction, Inc. embraces collaboration—and we look forward to collaborating on your project!

Integrated project delivery is only one of the methods MAI Construction, Inc. utilizes to help ensure your project stays on schedule and within budget. At every turn, and with every project, we look for new ways to harness the ultimate potential of everyone and everything we work with. After almost fifty years in the high-end general construction and construction management business, MAI Construction has established a reputation as a leader in collaborative construction modalities. Now we’d like to put that spirit of cooperation and collaboration to work for your project. We welcome the chance to discuss your project’s needs and how MAI Construction can employ integrated project delivery to help you reach those goals successfully.