General Construction

MAI Construction, Inc. is a recognized leader in high-end, fast-track and specialty construction.

For over 48 years, MAI Construction has been partnering with companies, schools, startups and global brands on the cutting edge of modern technology. Our rigorous and robust general construction capabilities help to ensure projects are completed within the stated schedule and budget, without compromising quality or ignoring the unique needs of individual projects. During this time, we have created a system which facilitates smooth progress, communication, accountability and project partnership. We provide all the services, equipment, tools, labor and materials necessary to complete the project, under the oversight of MAI Construction project management and the site superintendent, who is tasked with onsite, ground-level management. The site superintendent is responsible for day-to-day scheduling and logistics planning based upon evolving conditions on the project site, as well as coordinating, managing and monitoring the progress and activities of trade subcontractors, both as individual entities and in the big picture of the overall project.

MAI Construction, Inc. proudly offers these and other general construction services to our valued clients:

Coordination of technical and regulatory inspections

Safety monitoring and enforcement

Quality control

Scheduling and coordination of:

  • Subcontractor tasks
  • Updating project timeline
  • Onsite and offsite meetings
  • Inspections and QC/QA testing

Project accounting and cost control

Materials procurement and management

Subcontractor management

And more..

MAI Construction, Inc. leverages nearly 50 years of general contracting experience behind every project we undertake.

MAI Construction’s professional, experienced staff has the tools and capabilities to make sure your project moves smoothly and seamlessly from one phase to the next. From pre-construction to post-project documentation and completion, MAI Construction’s unequaled management and review processes help ensure your project stays on time and within budget. It is this unparalleled dedication to excellence in management, accountability, communication and partnership which sets MAI Construction apart from many of our competitors, earning us over 85% repeat clientele including both Bay Area startups and globally recognized brands operating in the state of California

MAI Construction, Inc. proudly serves the following industries and more.

Life Sciences

  • Biotechnology
  • Vivariums
  • Clean-room and laboratory space
  • Medical facilities
  • Surgery centers
  • Pharmaceutical research and production

High Technology

  • Clean rooms
  • Rack labs
  • Test chambers
  • Employee workspaces
  • Server rooms

Office Space

  • Break rooms
  • ADA upgrades
  • Cafeterias
  • Comfort spaces
  • Fitness centers
  • Reception areas
  • Workspaces


  • Faculty offices
  • Dorm remodels
  • Gymnasiums
  • Laboratories
  • Museum exhibit spaces
  • Recreational areas

MAI Construction, Inc. gives your project the attention it deserves at every phase.

Since 1973, MAI Construction has been delivering unmatched excellence in construction management and production for some of the most demanding and complex projects on the West Coast. With the benefit of processes which give you the best possible marriage between time-tested management and production protocols with a willingness to explore new methods, MAI Construction delivers uncontested excellence and attention to detail in every aspect of your project’s progression. We welcome the opportunity to open a dialogue with you concerning your project and how partnering with MAI Construction can pave your project’s way to success.